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resistance training for mature (i.e vantage-aged) women?

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    I don't lift every day, either. I've switched to doing squats once a week, press once a week, bench once a week, power cleans once a week and deadlift once a week. So far the progress I'm making seems easier than before when I tried to squat 2 or 3 times a week.

    Also, when I hired the trainer I agonized over it for months. At once point I called a lady who advertised online and she was the meanest sounding lady I ever spoke with. I quickly thanked her for her time and hung up. I didn't call anybody else for at least a month I was so traumatized by the conversation. Once I made my appointment (with a trainer at the university) I rehearsed a million times in my head what I would say to her. I wanted to be sure I didn't chicken out of asking for what I really wanted. Fortunately our first conversations were by email so I could tell her that I only wanted to learn how to use the barbells and do old-school weight training with barbells. She didn't teach me everything exactly the way Rippetoe says the lifts should be done, but that didn't matter because what I learned was really helpful and sometimes I think Rippetoe is wrong anyway (the blasphemy!). Having the confidence to walk up to the equipment and use it was worth every penny. Not knowing how to put the plates on and adjust the racks was probably more scary than doing the lifts wrong! I didn't want to look like an idiot. I spent a lot of my time asking about etiquette, too, since I hadn't been inside a gym since the 1980s.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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      i'm 48 as well. i live way out the boonies so i go to the gym once a week when i go to town. i hire a trainer when i do that simply coz i find it far more motivational, i achieve far more and we bounce ideas off each other and get to do some real cool stuff. it is my one indulgence. i do full body and a mix of free weights and machines when i go to the gym. i do body weight stuff at home every second day and i walk an average of 6ks a day over uneven terrain. what i work on is doing the full ROM on everything. screw the actual weight, altho they are getting up there. i also try very hard to be consistent. mix it up so it is always interesting. try different things. set goals. eg doing a chin up which i can do now. the other thing i found is if you get the work ethic to keep at it, if you injure yourself, you can change track and keep going. so when i did something evil to my ankle a few months ago, i switched to laying hamstring curls instead of dumbbell lunges coz i could and focused of upper body work which was when i managed my first chin up.


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        Thanks all for this interesting stuff. much appreciated...


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          Thanks all for this interesting stuff. much appreciated...inspirational too