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Knee pain?

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  • Knee pain?

    We had a massive family football game on Saturday (big deal in Karokette's family, 70yd painted field, uprights in the backyard, digital scoreboard, jerseys, trophys, videotaped, the whole shebang), and I played in my VFF Sprints. This is the 4th year I've played and the 3rd year in VFFs, I've been wearing them for years at this point. From time to time I've had a bit of pain in my right knee, in the back, low, seemingly where my calf meets up between the two big tendons. It usually seemed to crop up after some really crazy use cycle but goes away after a couple days if I rest it and relax. Seems worse when I am on an incline.

    This time it hurts way more than usual and its not getting better in any expedient manner. I can't find very much info online that matches up with what I actually feel. Stretching and massaging it seem to help a bit for a few minutes, but even lifting up my leg to put on my chair, or contracting my leg all the way back are painful. I haven't been doing anything to stress it out of the norms, but normal life stuff has to happen regardless.

    What to do? Break down and go to the doc? Suck it up and rest it and let it heal? Build a bacon and butter poultice and apply liberally?

    This sucks. Karockmutt #1 and #2 are annoyed they aren't getting their normal romps. I'm annoyed that I'm not getting my romps and have to take the elevator. *grumble*