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  • Dips progression

    Gonna start PBF fitness program but want to substitute dips for shoulder press push-ups. Can do about 8-10 without assistance. What is a good goal and should I increase reps or add weight

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    Yeah if your doing 8-10 strict reps with BW then I'd start to add some weight, just remember slow and steady wins the race !


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      I got up to doing about thirty bodyweight dips then decided it was time to start doing them weighted. When doing weighted just be sure that you take the bottom turnaround out of the eccentric phase nice and slow. Don't try to drop down and slingshot out of it like you can when your unweighted.


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        Dips provide an excellent upper body workout, and you should make them a staple of your training program. They primarily work the muscles in the back of your arms (triceps), but also the front of your shoulders (anterior deltoids), your chest (pectorals) and your back muscles (rhomboid).its most useful workout to all.


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          A nice target is 20 consecutive parallel bar dips, then you can experiment with more difficult variants - check this out: All About Triceps Dips
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