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    kmacphee: Thanks for your suggestion! I don't know anything about jump stretch tubing...any links for info/examples of what I need to buy and how to do it?

    cheapo: good advice! I think I will definitely advance to atleast level three on the assisted ones or ill be at level 1 forever for only that reason.
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    Oh look - I made a Journal.


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      SheGlowsPale ...

      If you spend some time on the Crossfit Journal you should be able to find some archived articles specifically on the topic. I think I have one on my computer at work so I will check tomorrow and get back to you. Basically, I use the green band for beginners, and when the band becomes too easy, I move them to the purple band, then eventually to body weight. Some times people may even require a combination of the green and purple, then to the green, then to the purple, then body weight.


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        Here is a photo...


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          kmacphee - ahhh...I it kinda shoulders some of your body weight so it makes it easier to lift up? im definitely gonna try that..thanks!
          The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

          Oh look - I made a Journal.


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            Doing 100% bodyweight exercises with ifing made me look like this.
            especially going insane volume on pullups,pushups and squats.

            Thanx cheapo for starting this thread
            workouts are not supposed to be complex
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              I use the JumpStretch bands - got them on Amazon. I started with the purple (light) one, but it wasn't strong enough for me. I'm a wimp and could only do about 4 pullups with the purple band, and it was a lot of strain on my wrists. I got the green (medium) one, and it's much better for my strength level; I can do 8 - 10 pullups with the green one. Highly recommended!
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                Decided to give it a go today...

                Level 8 day 1 for 18 rounds + pull ups and 6 push ups

                I used to do "Cindy" for about 27 rounds using kipping pull ups, but decided to slow down and do all strict pulls. Chances are I will be sore tomorrow!

                I like the simplicity, and look forward to Wednesday.

                Thanks for posting the link.


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                  Originally posted by kmacphee View Post
                  Level 8 day 1 for 18 rounds + pull ups and 6 push ups
                  I don't understand your notation. Can you explain your workout in more detail?


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                    Hmm. This looks blonde-proof. I have a pull up bar.

                    *strokes chin thoughtfully*

                    Looking good guys! I should stop being the green eyed monster and *do* something about it


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                      I did the monday workout for level 8...

                      completed 18 rounds

                      + the pull ups for a 19th, then 6 more push ups and hit the 20min mark


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                        I understand.
                        Jumping in at Level 8 is impressive!
                        A bold move.


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                          I figured that I would be able to do about 15 + rounds (given my 27 rounds of Cindy with kipping pull ups), so I thought I should challenge myself with the intent of dropping levels if it was too hard intiially. I have a feeling I will be sore, but if I can make it through this week, then I will continue. If not, I will drop a few levels.

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                            Silly question - why are kipping pull ups the preferred version? And what *exactly* are you doing with your body there (it's hard to tell, it looks more like a mild seizure...? Sorry )


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                              Kipping pullups are more powerful and are done in that manner to create momentum so that more pullups can be completed in a shorter period of time. More reps in less time generally = more power which ultimately increases intensity, which is the goal of increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

                              Basically, the entire body is used in a kipping pull up and moves through more range of motion. Having said that, there is a certain level of technique to learn, just like in olympic lifting, running, throwing a ball and other movements which require increased power through the use of momentum.

                              There is a place for kipping pull ups just as there is a place for someone to clean and jerk a weight over their head. Swimmers who compete in the flye stroke do a kipping style movement that is generated from the hips, so working with the kip pull up is a good tool for those athletes to learn the movements, and eventually increase power/intensity/work capacity.

                              Strict pull ups are great for building strength and muscle development as do kipping pull ups to a certain extent, but in my experience not as well as the strict pull up. I guess what I am trying to say is that they both have value.


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                                This workout is almost exactly what I do anyway when I don't have weights available. pushups, pullups and squats are a fairly good regime in my opinion.

                                To make it harder just subtract limbs:
                                1 arm pushups
                                1 leg squats
                                1 arm pullups.

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