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  • Not quite carrying game

    So, it's not quite carrying game home from the hunt but...

    20# in vest (that one goes up to 75, with optional attachment to add 25 more. Kettlebell in ruck at just over 40# and the pole is 22.6# So basically an m249. In that photo I'm at 351.6lbs with all the 'gear'.

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    I currently put 25kg (just over 55lbs, 39% of my body-weight) in a backpack when I go for my walks. Anywhere from 10min, to two 35min sessions, to 2h. If I'm out most of the day, it'll drop to 20kg (44lbs/31.2%).
    I also sometimes take two kettlebells at 12kg (26.4lbs/18.75%) each and just carry them from room to room as I do my chores.

    After my last exam (tomorrow), I'll start upping my 25kg to 27.5kg (60lbs/42.9%) and doing walks round the block (0.3-0.4 miles) with the kettle-bells.
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