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Motivational Thread For Procrastinators

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    Originally posted by DinoHunter View Post
    I dont do running but this one made me laugh
    I bought the zombie running app but have yet to use it. Maybe I will try using it when I bike to work.


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      Originally posted by aliphian View Post
      This is precisely why I've changed the way I exercise. I am a procrastinator as well. If I am not looking forward to doing something then it is probably never going to get done.

      What I decided was to make my exercise something that I actually want to do- so I started rock climbing. It's a great workout and it is a very fun activity.

      I've also put a pullup bar in my hallway so I can do a few every time I walk past it.
      THIS. Not that I've climbed rocks since I was a kid, but I'll put in 100% effort when I'm doing fun stuff.

      Hmmm. I've been cautious with my (removeable) pullup bar and only put it up in order to use it, so as not to confuse my Alzheimer's father. I think I'll try just leaving it up during the day now and see if he'll get used to it being there. (It has to come down for my bedroom door to close!) I had it up permanantly in my own house.
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        I didn't do the zombie app but I did do bike sprints on my way home.


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          Well, thanks to rain I wimped out of my walk today. I did decide to rip up part of my deck to make a place to plant some herbs and am counting that as exercise since those boards didn't come up as easy as I thought they would.

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            I ment to post yesterday but uhhhhhh.........
            Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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              Here you go....

              Get fired up and get started you can transform your body, just do it .... AMAZING Women Body Transformations - YouTube
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                Some outstanding transformations there

                Walked the dogs as normal , played frizbee with the shepherd, then hoyked the tires up the hill a few times and did hill sprints... Also witnessed my 170 lb mastiff exacute a spectacular sumersault when he decided to charge down the hill to save me from the evil tire... Epic Sumersault!
                Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.