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    I've been going to several spinning classes per week for a few weeks now and have now started my no carb healthy paleo eating this week. But I e just come back from my hour spin class and I feel exhausted, far more than usual. My face is still bright purple and I feel odd. The spin classes are great and burn approx 900 calories per class. I'd like advice please... Should I do spinning and a low carb diet? Will things improve as I get into it? I'm about 4 stone overweight. I'm apparently healthy according to my doctor, but for how long??? I want to become super healthy and fit for the sake of my 2 little boys who are 4 & 2 years old. Advice, tips and info wanted as I start this hard journey. Thanks x

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    How did you decide to do a zero carb diet? That is not recommended to anyone.

    This is not a coincidence. Let up on the control and just eat real food.


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      Well I'm having carbs but not from bread, rice, pasta or potato.


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        It's okay to eat more carbs, especially if you are very active. Experiment. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are good food.


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          I do a lot of cycling and get by fine by light loading on carbs (mostly sweet potatoes and berries) in the evenings. I usually just have bullet proof green tea or coffee and a few soft boiled eggs before going out on 3 hour rides. Once you get used to burning fats it it pretty easy. The carbs help with hill climbing and would probably help with intervals when spinning.


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            It is normal for workouts to feel harder when you first start out on a primal diet, especially if you are consciously restricting carbs. This is because your body is not used to running on so little carbs. Someone else asked a similar question here: You can scroll down to read Kochin's response & my response.

            It is normal, and you will eventually adjust to the reduced carb level. But your workouts will be harder for some time.

            That said, it is also okay to just up your carb intake although if you're trying to lose weight, you may decide to keep the carbs low. I started out lowish carbs (less than but close to 100 g per day), then went very low carb (Atkins induction level), and I'm now moderate carb. You can play with your carb level. The only reason I wanted to do low carb was to lose weight, but it didn't really work for me the way it seems to work for so many others so I decided that it just wasn't worth it.

            I don't know how you manage to do spinning. I tried a spinning class once, and it hurt my crotch area (bad enough to have to sit on the bike seat, but you're constantly standing up and sitting back down while spinning). I was sore there for a whole week. It also hurt my hip, but I'm pretty sure that was my fault for not increasing the resistance enough.

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              I felt sluggish for the first couple weeks. After that everything goes more smoothly. One more thing, if you are active then DON"T BE AFRAID TO EAT CARBS.

              Eat real food. Feel real good.
              The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.