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    A good friend of mine, whom I have always wished would start to hold himself accountable for his health, finally told me he wants to start exercising. I couldn't say no, so I agreed to go with him to the university gym and try lifting with him. BUT, I know next to nothing about lifting weights (my physical activities usually involve climbing big boulders and trees and doing rock stuff when it's nice out and bodyweight stuff when the weather sucks). He wants to lift, and I really want to help him before I head out of town. So, just, yeah... what can a noob show a noob? Maybe he'll get me into lifting someday! halp... I don't even know what questions to ask, so... more sheepish ellipses..
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    If I were you I would not go to the gym to show him something you don't know how to do yourself. Show him how to do the physical activities you do now or at least go for a hike with him. Maybe while you are on a hike you guys can decide to hire a Starting Strength coach together to teach both of you or something like that.
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      Maybe you could look out a trainer and go learn with him - that way he'd get the encouragement he needs and you'd learn some thing cool too?


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        Thanks, I think it would be a good idea to show him what I do. He's flat out told me that he doesn't want to do that and wants to hit the gym, though. He mumbled something about motivation. I guess I will suggest him to find a trainer and start keeping logs. As for me, I"m going to work on a farm for about a year or so, so no gyms for me.


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          If you go with him the first time, you could talk with the people who work there and see what sort of quality of advice is available. When I first started doing weights was before youtube. The guys in the gym helped me with it when I stopped using the machines. And I bought a few magazines.