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    I'm really enjoying CrossFit. I think the "competitive" aspect drives me to work harder and gives me the push I need to make gains in strength, speed etc. I feel like if I just lifted on my own, there is no way I would even attempt what I do at CrossFit. I also like being pushed on the cardio to keep up with those around me. I generally don't push hard and often end up with a lot of gas left in the tank so it's cool to really push and improve in that venue.

    In terms of getting "tore up" I do have callouses on my hands and often have a lot of bruises on my legs.

    I think anytime you "move up" athletically in what you are asking yourself, it will be a little scary and intimidating. I think it's a sign you are pushing yourself. I like seeing a WOD and being kind of nervous because I know it will make me better. If you go in and watch the class or read the WOD and are like "boom, easy", the you probably aren't undertaking a program that will improve you that much.
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      Originally posted by Off Duty View Post

      There is also the occasional missed box jump.
      We had two that I saw personally, that required stitches to close the wounds on their shin(s) when they missed a box jump.
      The key to preventing these sort of injuries, is wearing the proper gear (gloves for instance), and allowing your hands to properly get used to the added impact of crossfit, and concentration!
      As soon as you lose your focus on the box jumps, that's about the time you'll scrape the first few layers of epidermis off the front of your legs!
      Oh, box jumps. I've gotten injured on box jumps twice already. Not serious injuries, thankfully. The first time I lost my balance on top of the box and fell over forward, ended up on the other side of the box. Banged my knee.

      Just last Friday, I missed the stupid box, and banged my shin. There was a bit of blood too. And it hurt. A LOT. It hurt all day too. I had to ice it all weekend.

      Both times I was lucky in that it wasn't worse. Both times it happened when I was tired and rushing. I need to remember to NEVER rush through box jumps. Too dangerous.

      I actually really like box jumps. I like the jumping motion and how it feels. But I'm always afraid that I'm going to develop a box jump phobia because of the number of times I've gotten injured on it. Eck!

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        Originally posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
        Terrified? Settle down; it's a workout, not a battle to the death with a grizzly bear.
        yes but I bet battleing to the death with a grizzly bear once a week would get you in far better shap then CF ever could
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          I did not start as a complete beginner, but I injured myself rather seriously after a month of doing scaled down (weight, not reps) + modified version of exercises that I simply cannot do. I was doing double-unders after 150 ball throws, misjudged how tired I was, fell and twisted my knee.

          That's not why I stopped doing scaled-down WODs. Following that schedule gave me inferior results than a combination of lifting with some cardio and sprints.

          I really do not think Cross-fit is effective unless you are a super-duper athlete, and can do the WODs with the weights indicated. Cross-fit is basically a sport once you achieved an elite level of fitness.
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            Injuries are bound to occur when you are sacrificing form for the sake of attaining a certain number of reps within an allotted time. Many of the exercises done within a Cross fit gym are great and the whole idea of circuits is also good, however, watching some of the cross fit video's on You tube just make me cringe when they break form in an attempt to finish their required reps.

            Cartoon captions like this one didn't appear without good reason !

            For anyone that likes the idea of ' Functional training ' and would like to do it on their own without joining a Cross fit gym, this You tube channel has some of the best workouts I have come across, the man is an animal ! :

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              Leida, I think doing them on your own in a gym is not the same as doing them in a class with a trainer watching your form and telling when to try more weight/move up.

              I think the key is a good instructor who can advise you when to push and when not to. Whether that exists everywhere is arguable. I was told flat out "don't try double unders today, this is a tough day to learn them on".

              It's been very effective for me, more effective than anything I have ever tried and I see a lot of women getting similar if not better results.

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                I did not add any muscular mass with Cross-fit. I immediately start gaining muscular mass when I lift in the 5x5 set up. Neither I dropped any fat. I like the idea of a daily workout (or whatever the schedule is, 5/6 or something) and the variety of the exercises on the plate. It's cool, and I normally finished the workouts in about 20-30 min - I did as many sets on average as people with higher athletic ability did and posted.

                For me a trainer or a group class is not an advantage, it is the least preferred option, since I like training early in the day, and dislike working in a group (I keep waving between sparring and boxing against the bag for example). It takes a lot of gall for me to attend a weekly hap-ki-do class already, and I dunno if it will be more beneficial for me to simply box my own combos. I generally know myself, and should I have listened to my inner voice. I do not know how Cross-fit classes are run, really, but I know in a group class setting a trainer simply cannot monitor everyone anyway. I like a PT for my custom goals.

                All that aside, once again, if I have seen the muscular gain or a drop in fat in that month I did Cross-fit like workouts, I would have continued it once the knee has healed. But lifting heavy is simply more effective for me.
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