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alright, i'm seriously interested in ketosis but need advice!

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  • alright, i'm seriously interested in ketosis but need advice!

    hello! i've seriously wanted to do a longer water fast for a while now, and couldn't really find the right information on google, so i thought i'd try asking here. i was curious as to what kind of exercise, if any i can do while only water fasting. i don't want to lose strength or muscle, so i'm not sure what will happen if i go in ketosis. i'm not interested in having large muscles, but being in a small body fat %. do any of you have experience with a keto diet? how long do you fast, when do you eat and for how many days and when do you start fasting again? can i do my insanity dvd's while fasting? can i do resistance training with body weight exercises while fasting? any information regarding exercising and exactly how to go about doing a ketosis diet will be very appreciated. THANK YOU!! have a great day!

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    Have you done any short fasts? Skipped a meal or two?
    Get used to doing that easily first.
    That experience should help you know what to do and how to do it.

    Example you skip breakfast and go to the gym for a work out, later you eat lunch as normal.
    You have exercised in a fasted state - you MAY even be in a very MILD ketosis by lunch time.
    Get used to doing these types of short fasts and get used to how it feels and what fasted walking and exercise feels like ( not a big deal really - but feels good).
    May be soon you can skip lunch and make it to dinner.
    Slowly work up and see how you go.


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      This post is confusing, are you looking to incorporate a ketogenic diet or do you just want to fast or both? You don't have to fast to be in Ketosis. Keto is about what you eat (low carb, mod/lowish protein, high fat). Fasting is about not eating...

      You will not lose muscle while fasting and strength training. Strength training actually has the opposite affect. It's imperative for muscle mass retention. As long as you get enough protein (when you eat), you'll be fine.

      If you are looking into a ketogenic diet, performing Insanity workouts 6 days a week will be a problem. Low Carb + high intensity training (with high frequency) don't mix all that well.
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        If you do a long fast, no, you should not do ANY exercise. You'll only lose more muscle. But if you're doing IF then sure, you can workout. Also, as far as ketosis is concerned, you should probably just eat vegetables, probably the non-starchy, a ton of fat, and a little protein. To get into ketosis you have to have a lot of fat, but not to much protein or carbs. I hope that helps, but your post was pretty confusing.


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            thank you guys, i know it was confusing and worded wrong but you guys actually answered my questions perfectly. i haven't done any long fasts, but every day i eat breakfast around 6 am, give or take 15 mins and i usually don't eat again until around 3-5 pm. you guys summed up how to get into ketosis and when to work out and everything, so thank you. if i do a longer fast soon, i'll take your advice and not do the insanity those days, i'll just incorporate move slowly. using your guys' advice, i'm going to eat breakfast tomorrow, and see if i can go another whole day before eating again, it would be a new personal goal for me. again, thank you all very much!


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              If I do whole day fasts, it's normally dinner to dinner - I sleep better having eaten later in the day ( not eating can make me too alert to sleep properly).

              Breakfast is easy to skip with the 'aid' of a cup of black coffee in the morning.
              If just trying to maintain current weight then for me lunch is fairly easy to skip ( occasionally) with another coffee and keeping busy - dinner is normally big though.

              I.F. and exercise makes me feel good but I don't go overboard doing them together. On rare occasions if I do longer fasts I won't do hard exercise, just walking and light gym work.

              If trying to increase weight ( ideally grow muscle) then I get hungry at lunch time and feel I need to eat after the morning fasting. I eat lunch, a snack, and dinner ( plenty of each) - maybe 10%+ more than my normal daily food in-take.

              Of course to add muscle, some extra heavy weight work is required, rest, sleep and even more good foods - meat and veg etc etc.

              Everyone's different so slowly try stuff out - see how you feel and perform, no need to rush into anything ( hey fasting or ketosis may not be the right thing for you - though short IF's are an easy experiment).


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                If longer fasts are still difficult for you, or if you are interested in "hacks" for ketosis, you may want to look into things like coconut oil, MCT oil, or (my choice) bulletproof coffee. It isn't for everyone, but the MCTs can induce ketosis quicker than fasting alone. A cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning can kick start ketosis and hold off hunger until dinner time or later. On days that I drink it I usually don't eat all day, work out in the evening (weights or body weight) and then eat a large dinner.


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                  Originally posted by ilovesteak View Post
                  Paging pklopp. Pklopp to the courtesy phone please.
                  Sorry for not contributing, but this is hilarious. LMAO
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                    you dont need to fast to go into ketosis
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