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Not Making Many Gains, Options?

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    You can get smaller weights, or you can take an extra session, or you can do fewer reps while you keep increasing the weight.


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      Originally posted by Chorlton View Post
      Hi Coach.

      I mean that I have trouble doing 5-5-5 when I add the minimum I can to my bench (1.5kg) I end up doing 5-4-4 then 5-5-4, etc. which considering it's not very heavy to start with and I am not a veteran lifter seems a very tiny gain indeed.

      Re Wendler - his approach seems very interesting. I've started reading his ebook so thanks for the recommendations!
      That's absolutely fine - you're not always going to hit the reps, as long as you're working towards it.
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        Thanks Coach,

        I did 3x4sets @ 40kg today --BUT I realise i have not been including the weight of the bar so really it is 5x4sets @ 47kg!

        I realise this is not much but Im going to claim it nevertheless