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  • CrossFit endurance post-fast

    (not sure if this is a fitness or nutrition thread... it's both, I guess but I'll put it in fitness)

    So today was my third conscious effort to see how I performed in a CrossFit WOD the morning after a nearly 24-hour fast.

    I fasted from 9-10pm Monday evening to 8-9pm Tuesday night. I broke fast with a large, protein/carb/fat heavy dinner of primal lasagna (with egg crepes subbing for noodles), some dark chocolate for dessert, and a 50g protein zero-carb shake before bed.

    Breakfast at 5 am was 3 hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee.

    This is very similar nutrition to the two other times I've tried this before a CrossFit WOD.

    My performance all 3 times has been consistently and substantially improved, stamina-wise. Whereas day-to-day I feel like my biggest challenge with CrossFit is that I drop down to about 60-70% of my starting strength by the end, the day after a fast I feel like I keep it up closer to 90%.

    It's making me consider fasting more regularly, like 3 times per week, maybe for shorter intervals, if I'm getting such good results in my energy. I heard Robb Wolf does a 15-hour fast every night, which seems do-able.

    Anybody have similar results? Suggestions?