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    Anyone tried 666 fitness yet. The reps seem more realistic then convict conditioning or PBF

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    Nope, but now that I've seen it it's got my interest.

    Nice really simple progressions... Body weight... and FREE (no books to buy or pdf's to download).

    Plus the 666 moniker as a bonus.

    Anyone want to weigh in on the OP's question regarding 666 vs. Convict Conditioning or YAYOG
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      I had done CC for a couple of months when I read about 666 on here. I've been doing it now for a little over a month and like it a lot better than CC. The rep range is a lot more realistic. It's a lot clearer on when you go to the next level. The exercises and progressions are really good. The exercises and progressions in CC were good also, it's just the rep range I didn't care for. I guess if you're going for strength endurance they are ok but right now I'm just wanting more strength. Don't think that just because it's free that it's not as good as a program you would pay for, it's a very good program. I guess the bottom line is, whatever program you enjoy and will keep doing is the best program. I'm going to keep doing the 666 program.


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        I've done both Fitness 666 and Convict Conditioning and would also have to say that I preferred the 666 workout/results much more. After doing them both I can't say that I'm all that crazy about the progressions/rep ranges in CC.

        To give you a good comparison, doing CC it took more than six+ months to get through the step 2 horizontal pulls, and I still couldn't do more than one or two crappy form pull ups. I did You Are Your Own Gym for a few months and then took the better part of a month off due to coming down with a bad case of the flu. When I started working out again I was unable to do the intermediate standard of three sets of twenty step 2 horizontal pulls from CC. I came across the Fitness 666 website and started up on that and after eight weeks I was up to doing sets of 6 pull ups. If I had gone back to CC I would still be stuck on step 2 horizontal pulls and still wouldn't be able to do anymore than one or two pull ups.

        As far as comparisons to YAYOG are concerned, Fitness 666 and CC are primarily focused on building strength. Basically if you're goal is to do a one arm push up or a pistol squat, 666 and CC will get you there more quickly than YAYOG will. YAYOG, however, has a lot more variety and is a much more complete all around fitness routine than 666 and CC.
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