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Recovery diet for 2 a week intense lifting routine?

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  • Recovery diet for 2 a week intense lifting routine?

    I've been doing a pretty intense program where I do Body by Science on Mondays with machines and a routine on Fridays with free weights 3x5 (bent rowing, overheads, bench, pull downs, squats) and 1x5 deadlifts. I really feel the workouts for few days and am sleeping really well. The deadlifts are especially deadly.

    So, I'm wondering how I should regulate by protein intake with this schedule. Can I assume I should eat lots of protein on workout days and the day after? I know that it can take a whole week to completely recover from deadlifts, but how long do I need to do more protein? What about IF relative to a two day intense lifting routine?

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    I squat 3 days a week, and deadlift 2, I take amino acids before I lift in a fasted state, drink a half gallon of milk after every day I lift, and just keep eating meat and veggies other days, but if you aren't trying to gain like me I'd say.....amino acids in a fasted state before training, protein source after lifts, a good meal about 2 hours after your workout, and a protein source before bed....same thing on your days off.