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  • VLC/ZC Training Questions

    This has always lingered in the back of my mind. When supplying the body with minimal amounts of sugar via a VLC or ZC diet, would it be better to keep the intense exercise to a minimum? These intense efforts call for a quick/large amount of energy in the form of sugar. When your body is used to running on fat, why do this? What is the point of asking your body for something it needs to work harder to produce?

    I guess I'm implying that lower exertion levels might be better for the VLC crowd. What is your experience with higher intensity exertion and lower carbohydrate? Is your performance better with more fat or protein?

    Apologies for the barrage of questions. Just curious

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    Mark talks about this some in PB. Your body will need first adjust from burning carbs to burning mostly fat. There will be a period in between where your energy levels may be tapped and your endurance performance will likely suffer. Once you do convert though especially if you train the way he recommends you should be able to sustain high exertion levels for at reasonable levels. You might, however want to carb up some the day before with say sweet potatoes or another non-white more primal carb source.

    Protein makes a poor fuel though. Your body needs it to repair damage but it's either carbohydrates or fat that your body will need to perform. So, you need to figure out what your protein needs are then full up the rest of your needs with fat sources and a few scattered carbs.