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Incline Walking on Treadmill

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  • Incline Walking on Treadmill

    I'm thinking about adding a little HIIT and about 30 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill after my heavy lifts. Has anyone had noticeable success walking on inclines as opposed to just plain walking? Any idea what kind of incline I should set the treadmill to?

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    I only use a treadmill when I am away from home in an area where I don't know the best places to walk. But I find that I really can't walk fast enough on the flat to be aerobic. I prefer the hill or speed workout programs.

    I do walk a fair amount of hills at home when I do a long walk.


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      You should adjust the incline and speed so that you can walk on it without having to hold on to the treadmill. You're not getting a complete workout if you hold on to the treadmill. If you can't keep up without holding on, that means you're either going too fast or the incline is too steep.

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