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Critique my 5-3-1 please

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    Thanks wolfman

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      I agree that you should read (or re-read) the book. Wendler says you should have a very good/very specific reason for every assistance exercise you do, or you shouldn't be doing it. The emphasis is on the big lifts, not all the variety.

      Since you need to improve the main lifts I'd recommend the Boring but Big template. You'll do more of the main lifts and get better at them and you'll be absolutely spent when you're done. It's in the book but basically you do this each of the four days a week that you workout:

      warm up
      3 sets of the main lift according to the 5/3/1 schedule
      5 sets of 10 of the main lift using 40-60% of your training max
      5 sets of 10 of an assistance lift of your choosing

      That's it and that's a kick butt workout and it will help you become a better squatter, deadlifter, bench presser, and overhead presser.