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Normal activities that are primal

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  • Normal activities that are primal

    Hi Just thought I'd post about everyday activities that fit in with primal fitness principles:

    1 - Shooting hoops - short bursts of running, hand/eye coordination, jumping
    2 - Walk/run - whenver i used to go jogging I would always get tired and walk for a while, I now realise this is completely normal and I only ever walk/run now
    3 - Deer stalking - ok not necessarily 'everyday' for a lot of people, but just generally getting into nature and checking things out, exploring without being conscious of distance walked. How close can I get to the deer in the Wyre Forest near where I live? The answer is not very.
    4 - Shopping. Involves walking, carrying things, looking for things. Unless its on Amazon of course.
    5 - Volunteering. I've found it amazing how often volunteering on any community project of any sort, from conservation through to building, or even cleaning up litter, will involve low level activity all day and social interaction as well.
    6 - Holiday at the beach. Swimming, walking, nature, sunlight. Do it.
    7 - I don't own a dog, but dog walking seems a good example.
    8 - Outdoor work - conservation work/summer job on a farm
    9 - Camping
    10 - Charity hikes/treks - group activity with a purpose, social interaction and excersise
    11 - Team sports generally

    Ok thats all I can think of, anyone else have any others?
    Healthy is the new wealthy.

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    Gardening and sex.
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      Really like the ideas on this thread. Will have a think and come back to it. I like the idea of having more primal movement in everyday life.


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        #7 naturally involves #3, if you don't have deer around, then at least its cat stalking and other dog stalking. Or avoiding them. Trains the humans ability to notice them first, before the dog drags you belly on tarmac.


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          "Owning a dog is good for developing awareness of your surroundings" - ? I'd agree with that
          Healthy is the new wealthy.


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            -Walking/cycling places instead of taking a bus/driving. Add weights for extra effect!
            -Child-control. (Or "parenting/babysitting".)
            -Doing the tea-run... running. If you do the tea-run at home or in the office: sprint your way there. (And walk safely back! No madness where hot liquid and other people's beverages are involved!)
            -Walking up/down stairs and uneven surfaces.
            -Climbing and walking on walls on my way to places. (Oh, that's just me and toddlers?)
            -Dancing. When you play your favourite song: DANCE. It's natural and to feel free and relaxed through rhythm is AMAZING.
            -Gardening. Either for yourself or others, gardening mimics many natural "gathering" behaviours.
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              I like the idea of having more primal movement in everyday life.


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                Definitely gardening.

                When I hear "Lift Heavy Things" what I think of is big bags of compost and mulch...and wheelbarrows full of rocks to make a new border...and bushes that need that need transplanting....and tarps full of tree branches I just trimmed....and shovels full of soil from double digging a new area of my garden....

                Gardening isn't just planting pretty flowers....