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  • hydrostatic testing

    I had hydrostatic testing today for the first time and it was pretty close to what I estimated myself at.
    They actually did 2 kinds of testing: Calipers, which showed 21% and hydrostatic which showed 23%. i don't know if I got all the air out of my lungs (probably not) which makes a slight difference. I am a 50 yyear-old female at 5'10" and 138 lbs. I was pleased with the results, as they were well within the "very good" range fo rmy age, but I would like to be 135 and 20% bodyfat. I can get to 135 without too much difficulty, but I sacrifice muscle for it. I am working on that! For those of you who can get hydrostatic testing, I recommend it. The only other more accurate testing is DEXXA testing.

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    The closer a woman gets to 20% body fat, the more Mother Nature freaks out. She doesn't want women to go below that number.
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      i know. When I was a long-distance runner I didn't have a period for about 10 years. Now I am menopausal, so that is just about at an end (thank goodness!). I want to work on my goal and see what happens. 135 and 20% bodyfat. We shall see!