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  • Hip problem

    Hey everyone and anyone who can answer this, I have started the regime and everything is going well, all bar one thing, whilst my fitness is going up and my waistline is going down, my left hip and lower back still bother me when any sort of stress is put on them, my hip sometimes feels like it will explode with pain if I push it too far, which isn't very far at all, and my back is ok for the most part. I want to make a recovery without doc's help, are there any exercises which will strengthen it and improve motion or am I destined to a lifetime of hip-pain (btw, I'm only 22 and i think it's the result of being overweight for too long, but many badly educated attempts at getting fitter through dangerously intensive exercise.) Cheers.

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    I would go to a chiropractor. I had intense pain for months, finally went to one. He stretched and hurt me twice a week for three months and it was and has stayed all better. I apparently had some scar tissue built up and he had to work it out.
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      ahh will check it out then, thank you!


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        It could be many things, but it sounds like you may have a tilted pelvis. I have a posterior tilt on my right side. Developed it from poor sitting and sleeping posture. It's causing all sorts of pain in my right knee, hip and back. But it is definitely something that can be fixed with a lot of hard work and better postural habits.