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  • Can you help a newbie?

    Hi there. I just joined and am excited to get to "know" you all. I have read the nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, etc primal blueprint information. I love it. I have also been reading the forums a lot. I got a little confused. I wanted to clarify something.

    If I'm just starting out, the goal is for me to work on squats, pull-ups, push ups, and planks using my own body weight about twice a week, right? Then I sprint about once per week and play/walk/rest the rest of the time doing things I enjoy. Do I have that right?

    I guess I should tell you my goal since that might make a difference. I would like to lose about 10-15lbs, but I am more concerned with how I look and feel. If I lose 2 lbs and my clothes fit better, I look better naked, and can keep up with my young son, that's good enough for me.

    I am VERY out of shape. Very. I turned 36 yesterday. I have a 20mos old son and I want to be healthy and active for myself as well as him. I got REALLY bad hip bursitis which prevented me from doing much more than taking care of him. After lots of interventions and docs, I finally had to get a cortisone injection. It helped a lot, but I still need to work on strengthening that area (and all over) to help prevent it from coming back. It's not 100% gone either. I can now walk up stairs and go for walks and bike rides, but I can't lay on that side, climb uphill, or sit on the floor. I'm really hoping the diet helps with any inflammation and the exercise helps with strengthening the muscles to keep it strong.

    I know diet is the more critical piece of the puzzle, but I am really looking forward to having more energy and strength to be the active mom I want to be. We got a late start on having kids and I want to be just as energetic and animated and capable as a mom who had her kids when she was much younger.

    So do I have a correct idea of where I should start?
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    Hi. Your training sounds OK, I like bodyweight training (I do convict conditioning). Check marks free primal fitness ebook to get started. Try to make everything fun to do, if you hate it try something else, so if sprinting is not for you go as hard as you can on your bike or swim fast. And listen to your body, rest if it still hurts.


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      Sounds good so far, glad you're here! As for exercise, I would really recommend on trying to get 5 hours of walking/playing per week, minimum. This was the thing that really got me more in shape and feeling better. When you do the high intensity stuff like sprinting, try doing it uphill so it's a little less stressful on the body (i.e., sprint up hill, walk down, repeat). When starting, doing the body weight thing twice a week is fine. It sounds like you're read the primal fitness e book but if you haven't, give it a read. It's good.

      I found, for myself, after I reached a certain point weight wise, following PB fitness got monotonous and therefore I wasn't pushing myself and reaching certain goals, but this was pretty far into having been primal - probably about eight months in.
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