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Cycling in a hilly area

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  • Cycling in a hilly area

    Hi there,

    I am 10 days into primal living, feel great and am losing weight.

    I am 45 years old, 6 feet 2, 86kgs/190lbs. Excess fat around the abdomen mostly.

    I used to go for a half hour cycle ride most days, however where I live it is very hilly (Sierra Nevada in Spain). I am sure that the 2 big hills on my cycle route push me above the 75% heart rate recommended in Move Frequently at a Slow Pace. I am already on a very low gear when I climb them. No other less hilly routes are available.

    I go for a 40 minute walk most mornings which is nice, I take it slow and meditate. I am unwilling to up the tempo of this.

    Since starting my primal routine I have simply not cycled but it seems a shame as I enjoy it and the nature round here is lovely. I also feel that my walk is not quite enough exercise for me as I sit in front of a computer all day for work.

    Should I leave the cycling or is it ok to go out of the recommended heart rate for what is probably around 5 - 10 minutes per day?

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    Definitely leave the cycling in, especially if it makes you happy. Going out of the recommended heart rate for that short of a time everyday is not going to make a difference. In fact it may actually be beneficial because it is something that you enjoy doing. An easy thing to do would be to just not look at your heart rate monitor during the hills and don't think about what heart rate you are at.

    And I am totally jealous that you love in Sierra Nevada!


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      Cycling is great. Hills make it even better. It is pretty hard to mess yourself up with as you can easily with running. You just have to avoid grinding gears at low rpm when climbing hills. That can cause knee problems. I ride about 140 kilos each weekend through the California hills and love it. You can burn a lot of calories in just one day.


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        Many thanks for the advice all. Looks like it is me back on the bike then