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    Vince Gironda, this guy deserves his own thread.

    Recently I heard his name dropped and did some research. It seems he practiced Paleolithic eating before anyone had a name for it. Guy was clearly decades ahead of his time.

    Vince stuff - said a good body was 85% nutrition not gym time, fat was a more efficient energy source providing 6hrs of stable energy, was very against white carbs and processed food (only vegi carbs), was against "food combining" (high carb plus high fat together is unnatural), into eating organ meats, into digestion (eating all that protein is no good if you don't digest it properly), used terms like "Stone Age Diet", and said "fat doesn't cause high triglycerides, sugar does!".

    Okay, how the heck was this guy so smart? He was born in 1917 so Weston Price's book would have come out when he was a young man. Maybe a lot of personal experimentation, reading the right books and horse sense? But here we are in 2013, and even dead he's still smarter than most everyone!

    Seems like Arnold and a bunch of guys in the 60s were following his nutrition plan; steak, hamburger, eggs, cream, butter, raw vegi, water, done.

    I stumbled on him because I refuse to do GOMAD and instead drink heavy cream and raw eggs. Turns out he preached the same thing - half and half plus protein powder plus 36 eggs a day!!! That's insane, but eggs seem a lot smarter than milk.

    Lets use this thread for things he figured out that can be applied to eating paleo, and lifting.

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    His book, Unleashing the Wild Physique is supposed to contain all the mans knowledge.


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      Yes, followed Vince from way back, he was a real nutritional pioneer. I remember him recommending to drink cream or half n half mixed with a little ginger ale for weight gains.


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        Originally posted by workinprogress View Post
        His book, Unleashing the Wild Physique is supposed to contain all the mans knowledge.
        I'm reading this right now, excellent so far.

        It occurs to me after reading and absorbing some of his thought process; the guy may have had a genius level IQ. He was on a totally different level from the average "gym rat". Sort of like if Einstein had decided to go into body building.