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Need help with weight training/cardio schedule...

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  • Need help with weight training/cardio schedule...

    My schedule right now is:

    Mon.- Lift weights + 30 min. on elliptical
    Tues.- 45 min. on elliptical
    Wed.- Lift weights + 30 min. on elliptical
    Thurs.- 45 min. on elliptical
    Fri.- Lift weights + 30 min. on elliptical
    Sat.-Sun.- Rest days, but I still take my dog on her usual 1-3 daily walks for 30min. each walk.

    Is 45min. on the elliptical at low speed but high resistance going to cause me to burn muscle? I want to make sure I'm not losing muscle. I want to lose more fat and get stronger. What if anything should I change?
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    Take a break from the elliptical. It's not helping you lose fat. This totally qualifies as chronic cardio. Go for long walks 3 times a week instead.

    What do you do for your weight-lifting program?


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      I have a 10 lb kettlebell, 15 lb dumbbells, and a resistance band that I do different arm/leg exercises with for roughly 30 minutes. Sometimes, I go to my apartment complex's tiny gym that has some different weight machines that I'll use instead of my home equipment. Whether I use my home equipment or the little gym I do various arm, leg, abs & back exercises.

      I'm thinking of switching to lifting weights for around an hour a day X 3 days a week and staying off the elliptical on those days and just using my elliptical for 30 minutes max on Tues/Thurs only. Is that better?

      No matter how much I work out each day I will still walk my dog every day for 30 minutes at a time, 1-3 times a day and on nice days might go for an easy bike ride instead.
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        That definitely sounds better.


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          The elliptical isn't necessarily chronic cardio. It depends on how intense you make your workout on it. Here is Mark's definition, if you haven't already read it Dear Mark: Chronic Cardio | Mark's Daily Apple

          You could switch up one of those days on the elliptical to do a high intensity interval training for about 15 or so minutes. It shortens your workout time and is highly beneficial. If you're not sure what that is, you can look up tabata training, or Dr. Mercola's Peak 8 - which is a little less intense than tabata or something similar. Of course, you don't have to do this on the elliptical, if you can handle the higher impact of running/sprinting outside. Sprinting isn't recommended more often than once a week, because if you do it too often you can injure yourself.


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            Try different cardio's - the best is to be outside and enjoy what you're doing :-)
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              When you do hours of cardio for the purpose of losing weight, it is by definition chronic cardio.


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                The OP is not doing "hours of cardio" and if they are doing it at low intensity, then I can't see where it does any harm.



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                  Originally posted by Lynna View Post
                  The OP is not doing "hours of cardio" and if they are doing it at low intensity, then I can't see where it does any harm.

                  Chronic Cardio | Paleo Spirit
                  it says low speed, high resistance. for 45 minutes. sounds like chronic cardio to me.
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                    Thanks for the advice guys. I do want to add sprint interval training at some point...perhaps on Sunday mornings since it might be too exhausting to do it on the days I lift weights.


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                      Yeah, interval training and heavy lifting should ideally not be done on the same day. You can do intervals on the elliptical or stationary bike, or you could run. Other possibilities include Tabata burpees (very unpleasant) or high knees.

                      I don't think that 45 minutes on the elliptical is necessarily chronic cardio. However, doing the elliptical five times a week is a bit much. Your body will likely adapt to that routine fairly quickly, and then it wont' be as effective at helping you lose fat. Try to switch things up a bit. I don't know what your fitness level is like, but consider incorporating some easy runs/jogs for say 30 minutes at a time. Another possibility is walk uphill at a brisk pace (easiest to do on a treadmill unless you live in hilly country). I think that some amount of cardio is necessary for fat loss and good health (yes, I just said that cardio is healthy). Not telling you to start marathon training, but I do believe that moderate intensity and moderate duration cardio is beneficial. I don't think that long slow walks are sufficient (although long slow walks are definitely also beneficial, but it sounds like you already do that anyway).

                      **Disclaimer: I engage in chronic cardio on a regular basis so I'm like the person at the AA meeting who refuses to give up wine and insists on telling everyone else that a glass or two of wine a day is beneficial.**

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                        At one point I read that 20-30 minutes 3 times a week is adequate cardio. I got that out of a heart monitor book.


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                          Yeah, I'm definitely getting tired of the elliptical. I was getting on it for an hour a day, 5 days a week the first two months after I got it. Now that all the snow has melted and it's warming up I've been using it for shorter time periods and walking outside a lot more. And if it ever stops raining I'll unfold my bike and take it for a spin on occasion.

                          There are a lot of great parks with dirt trails through the woods around here so I think on Sundays I will drive to one of the parks and do 30 minutes of interval training. Can't run on pavement anymore because when I was in high school I ran cross country and kept injuring my feet in practice running on the street. Plus it's more fun to run in the woods anyway.


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                            Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                            At one point I read that 20-30 minutes 3 times a week is adequate cardio. I got that out of a heart monitor book.
                            It is recommended that one walk an hour a day - I got that off of this website.