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Crossfit- Need help planning a schedule

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  • Crossfit- Need help planning a schedule

    So I started Crossfit last week, and I really enjoy it. I was happily surprised to see a focus on weightlifting- squats, bench presses etc. I had thought that pretty much every day would be more of a cross training type workout that did both upper and lower body and cardio, but this place does not seem like that.
    To simplify things, it seems like MWF are lifting days that focus on one specific lift, then additional exercises to make you better at that lift (Friday was back squats, lunges, KB swings and pushing a weighted sled). There may or may not be a session at the end that gets more cardio in (last night we did bench presses, a few other chest exercises then a workout of burpees and sit ups that was less than 10 minutes). Tues and Thursdays are what seem to be more like I expected crossfit to be- things like kettlebells and sprints or slam balls, burpees and sprints.

    So... it seems like people go 5 days a week and I can see that being a very rounded workout. I need to be more like a 4 day a weeker due to scheduling. My initial thought was to go MWF and either tues OR thurs. I feel like if I go MWF, I will be doing what I need to do to build muscle, but am wondering if I will be left doing too little cardio? I can also do my own thing one or two days on the weekend- run, extra body weight stuff etc.

    For the record, I'm totally doing this for vanity. I have lost 40lbs, but am now flabby and have loose skin. I need to lose 20-30 more lbs. If I lose weight at this point without gaining some muscle I am going to like like a deflated jellyfish even worse. Ideally I'd like to gain muscle and lose fat. But if I can't do both, gaining muscle is the priority for now.

    So please advise? Focus on the weight heavy days or the more cardio forcused days?
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    Hey there glad to hear you enjoy it!

    Not knowing your full fitness level, I would say that three days a week is enough for at least the first month or two. Gage how sore you are after the first couple of weeks and if you feel like you can through another day in, I would highly recommend it. Most gyms will recommend an ultimate goal of 3 days on, 1 off, 2 on, but this ends up being unrealistic for a lot of people. That schedule is based on ideal sleep, nutrition, etc. That being said, that's the schedule that I follow now. I would say if you aren't experiencing any really bad muscle soreness after trying MWF, through in Tuesday, and then on Saturday maybe do some interval training like sprints on your own.
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      You should talk to one of your coaches about it. I only started CF a few weeks ago and have only ever been to one box so I don't know if most CF boxes stick to a set schedule. At the one I go to, they do stick to a set schedule. Mondays are always lower body heavy lifting, and Thursdays are upper body heavy lifting. Tues., Wed., Friday, and Sat. are Olympic lifts (usually just one lift per day) and some kind of metabolic conditioning (cardio-type thing, including the named WODs). Sunday is a mobility session, and, I guess, most recently, a gymnastics session as well.

      Our coaches usually tell us to switch it up if we're only going to go three times a week. So week 1 go on MWF, week 2: TThS, kind of thing. Because they want us to be exposed to all of the different types of workouts in order to become well-rounded, I guess.

      But if your main goal is to gain muscle, then I'd say that you should definitely focus on the heavy lifting days. And, like Chaser said, maybe do an interval/sprint session on your own. But if you're going to go 4 times per week, you can switch it up and go to three of the heavy lifting days one week, and then the next week go to two of the heavy lifting days and two of the regular days. That way you'll still get more lifting in but will also get a bit more of the metcon stuff than you would if you always go MWF. Your coaches may have more insight as well. It's their programming, after all.

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