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Is my routine good for my goals?

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  • Is my routine good for my goals?

    Unless someone requests it, I'm not going to describe every detail of my routine. For now, I'll generalize. My goal for a while has been fat loss. Second to that is gaining strength. I am following a LeanGains style of eating with the major difference being that I eat a -30%/+10% calorie cycle because I read that it its better for people with more fat to loose than the typical lean person following LeanGains. Taking inspiration from StrongLifts, I incorporate those compound movements into the beginning of my workouts for the sake of maintaining (and hopefully growing) my muscle. Afterwards, I do a few assistance exercises. Finally, some high rep machine work to effectively deplete muscle glycogen in preparation for the high carb meal to come. My three day/week routine has day one focusing on legs, day two focusing on pushing muscles, and day three focusing on pulling muscles. My heavy compound lifts consists of 3 sets each reverse pyramid style in the strength range. My assistance exercises are only 2 sets each in the hypertrophy range. My high rep work is 3 sets per exercise in the 15-20 rep range with minimal rest. Of this sort, I make sure to hit at least 4 different machines, but all still focusing on the muscle group of that day.

    A general critique would be nice, but there are specific things I'd like to know. Am I doing enough volume? Is it a good choice to put the assistance work in the hypertrophy range? Is there anything I should add or remove to make the workout more effective?

    Oh, and a very specific question: On my pull day I start with deadlifts, which I follow with chinups. I've noticed that as my dealt numbers keep going up, I attain less and less reps on chins. Not sure, but it's probably fatigue from the deadlifts. What can I do about this?
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