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Help: Lead up to crossfit competition

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  • Help: Lead up to crossfit competition

    Hi guys,

    My name is Damian, I'm 25yrs old, 65kg, 180cm... (don't know if its relevant, but I assume all info helps!)

    I'm partaking in a local crossfit comp in 4 days, and have had a week off due to the flu.

    I'm still not 100%, but I'm keen to get back into the gym to train for the event so I can register the best time possible!!

    The WOD is:

    7min amrap.:

    7 pull ups
    7 toes to bar
    7 push ups
    7 air squats

    I want to be able to program this next 4 days smartly, so what do you suggest I focus my time on?
    (knowing full well that I cannot perform a miracle in that time..)

    My weakness is definately upper body strength; (Pull Ups: 5-7 rep max.)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Work on T2B form with a coach if possible. Doing them fast without swinging your entire body will set you apart from the competition. This is something you can achieve with a few days of work. You might want to throw in a few sets of weighted pullups but, like you said, you need more then a few days to see a big improvement on this.


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      I second that. Of the 4 moves you listed, toes to bar is by far the move that gives even the better athletes at my box a hard time. Also I would suggest doing as much mobility/stretching work as you can leading up to the competition. Working on your strength will be useless if you go into the comp stiff and sore.


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        I agree with others; your strength is likely not to change in 7 days, so work on form and mobility. Try a thumb-around-bar grip for TTB, it worked wonders for me. Also, I found that a narrower grip on kipping pullups allowed me to do more in a row.

        Throw in some conditioning tabatas and get yourself used to staying in motion even when you're panting and heaving. The biggest killer in competitions is taking breaks. Just make yourself go unbroken, the end.