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Choosing dumb bells...what weight?

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  • Choosing dumb bells...what weight?

    I am going to start a simple dumb bell routine at home -> Women's Beginning Dumbbell Workout - Scooby's Home Workouts

    I need help determining what weight dumb bells to buy to start. I am female, 5'7" 120lbs.

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    It really depends on your level of fitness.
    I'm the same weight as you but 3 inches shorter and I can easily do 9 pound dumbells for a lot of reps, 15 pounds for medium, 20 pounds for less reps.
    I would try experimenting with at home stuff since dumbells can be pricey... a gallon jug of milk/water is about 8 pounds


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      I will test out milk jugs first, great suggestion.

      I am fairly fit, but not strong! I am looking to tone up. 5 lbs seems like a waste of time/money, so I will try out the jugs and make my decision from there!


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        I would walk into a store and try out different weights, then look on craigslist or elsewhere for used equipment. You can buy one or two at a time. There's no need for a complete set.


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          I've been happy with my Powerblock outfit; you can slide a pin in and out and select from 5-45 pounds, grips are comfortable. But for lower weights I'd also get a set of 3 lbs, 8 lbs, and 12 lbs since going from 5-10 is a 100% increase and 10-15 is a 50% increase. After that the 5 lb intervals is pretty good. Also it is nice to have all the dumbells in a 2 square foot area of home gym.

          Powerblocks are a bit pricey though...
 PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set: Sports & Outdoors
          Wonder if Craigslist might have them?
          10/2/12: 169 lbs, 37"waist
          Now: low 150's, 33" waist