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Protein shake quandary...

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  • Protein shake quandary...

    I don't want to hear that we shouldn't take protein shakes - my primal trainer has convinced me that I need to do this. I've been using Vegan Biochem which has quite a good profile and works well for me - but I dislike that hemp/pea protein aftertaste. I can get it down though, and I got used to the taste. This product (the chocolate version) has Xylitol however, which I know isn't good. This shake has BCAAs and other good things, and our strength sessions are intense.

    I've been experimenting with Tera's Whey (I seem to tolerate whey well in small amounts, and this has fair trade ingredients and organic rGBH free whey - only 4 ingredients with 20 grams protein + 5 grams carbs). I REALLY like that it is organic and fair trade, it blends well, taste is the best I've ever seen in a protein shake....but that 4th ingredient is soy lecithin...

    How bad IS soy lecithin? I can't imagine that there is much in the mix...but I don't want to sabotage myself. I don't use this for every workout, just after our group workouts where we lift heavy and do other very intense activities - and then I've got to go straight to work so there isn't much chance for enough real food. On the weekends I use real food.

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    Not sure about the soy lecithin, although I would tend to agree that it is probably in a small enough amount as to be fairly negligible overall. If you are looking for something without soy, this is the protein powder I use on occasion: GRASS-FED WHEY PROTEIN CHOCO: Health & Personal Care

    Ingredients are: Whey protein concentrate (from grass-fed cows), cocoa, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, sunflower lecithin.
    120 cal, 4g carb, 21g protein per serving. And it tastes really good. Most protein powders turn me off because the chemically sweet taste, but this tastes just like a nice dose of chocolate. Excellent when blended with a frozen banana and some cream.
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      I tried the Tera's Whey and loved chemical taste and I called to ask about the non-hormone version vs organic (both are hormone free, one is certified organic, the other is grassfed but no official certification). I am going to give them a shot, but will keep your suggestion in mibd.
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        I use "Plant Fusion". I like the Vanilla because it mixes well with so many things, but they also have chocolate, and chocolate raspberry. It's vegan, also, which I choose because I'm allergic to dairy and have heard terrible things about egg protein powder that makes me not even interested in trying it.
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          I use 180 nutrition

          absolutely sensational shake no additives or preservatives and has the most sensational primal ingredients.


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            I really sympathise. I can't tolerate whey (at least not whey concentrate - need to try isolate and hydrolysed separately to see if they affect me in the same way) but I really don't like the taste of the plant based protein powders.


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              I liked the Tera's Whey so much that I ordered the 'starter' pack that includes a shaker cup (which I needed anyway), a large canister and some samples. I also ordered a couple of single serving packages of goat whey powder and a couple of organic whey flavors.

              I rarely ever do dairy, but hormone free or organic is fine for me. I've didn't notice any real changes after dropping dairy totally, and adding a little back seems fine. I will still be careful with it as it is easy for me to over-do on caloric-intense dairy products but this is different.

              It is a very 'simple' protein supplement that doesn't have all of the extra ingredients that the protein recovery shakes have - no BCAAs or glutamine. As a 53 year old woman focusing on simply increasing strength and fitness rather than body-building - I think this will be fine, but the proof is in the pudding. I ordered enough from them to give me a little over a month's supply which will be a good test. I also found that ordering directly from their website was less expensive than from Amazon.

              I DID try the Vega Sport sample - and it almost tasted as good as the Tera - but it also costs >$60 for the same size canister that I just paid $20 for...and I can't justify that difference. I could also detect that plant protein 'taste' in the background, but it was far less pronounced than with the Vegan Biochem.

              I AM curious to see what the goat whey tastes like.


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                How have you been convinced you NEED a protein supplement? So many REAL foods out there with plenty of protein.