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Any good reason (for me) to lift in the hypertrophy range?

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  • Any good reason (for me) to lift in the hypertrophy range?

    I've always been keen on strength based training, following StrongLifts 5x5 for a while, and when not doing StrongLifts, I still enjoy low rep, heavy compound lifts. But for a long time now, my main goal has been fat loss and I adopted a LeanGains style of eating. Optimal success with this eating plan comes from depleting glycogen during a workout so that the high carb meals afterward don't spill over into fat storage. Up until recently, I believed that my workout routines were enough to sufficiently deplete my glycogen. But I've been told that higher rep work doing exercises closer to isolation movements are better for that. I had assumed that he was referring to the hypertrophy range of 6-12 reps (whereas my strength training is 1-5 reps). I immediately added some exercises to my routine to ensure glycogen depletion. Then I do some reading and find an article by Lyle McDonald that said the optimal range for glycogen depletion is 15-20 reps (with minimal rest). Since my limited time doesn't allow me to do EVERYTHING in the gym, I have to make a choice. Do I go drop the hypertrophy stuff for even higher rep work? Or do I keep the hypertrophy stuff knowing that it will deplete some glycogen, but at the same time be better for assisting my bigger lifts?

    BTW: I would still lift heavy at the beginning of my workouts in order to maintain muscle while dieting. Lyle McDonald believes this is the way it should be as well.