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    Hi all

    I have had tendon pain in my arm now, as well as in the past ( rock climbing ), and was wondering, for an anti inflammatory supplement, is MSM safe?

    I will be icing and resting it for a week as well with passive movement, I just do not want to take ibuprofen if there is something more natural and better.

    I am taking fish oil and omega 3's of course, just curious if i should look into MSM


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    also glucosamine?


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      I have tendonitis in my knee, and my chiropractor recommended I take a glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM supplement. I've had partial improvement, but I've tried a number of different things.
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        Thanks Annika

        Is your tendinitis recent or chronic?
        I will look into a glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM supplement.
        I just wanted to make sure it was not a bad thing to take onthis diet etc

        I hope your knee mends soon.


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          Btw, The Northeast kingdom in vermont is a beautiful place I hear, congrats!


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            Yes, the Northeast Kingdom is a great place to live!

            Unfortunately, I've been prone to tendonitis in various parts of my body for many years. My knee issue started in October, after finding MDA and getting a bit too gung-ho with exercise. I moved up in weight too fast doing squats and lunges. Muscle gets stronger faster than tendons do! I had one steroid shot a few weeks ago, and have definitely had some improvement.
            My blog: Pretty Good Paleo
            On Twitter: @NEKLocalvore


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              "Muscle gets stronger faster than tendons do!'


              I kinda went a little too fast as well with some bouldering at the rock gym
              I give it some rest and be good to go

              Hope yours feels better!