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How often can you do core training?

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  • How often can you do core training?

    I have been working on core strengthening to shore up a dodgy back. I generally lift 2 times per week and do core training at that time. I always take a day off between lifting days. My question pertains to core training. Can I do core training every day? Things like planks, situps, & other core strengthening work. Thanks, Dave

    I get most of my back issues when I go on backpacking trips with my son's Scouting group. I'm fine until I take off the pack and then stretch out to rest on my bedroll. That's when I get spasm's in my lower back.

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    Every day seems like a bit much to me. I'm making really good progress doing about 30 minutes three days a week -- mostly plank variations.


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      Do them everyday, you will be sore but then eventually stronger. Don't be afraid of getting stronger.


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        I do ZERO flexion exercise anymore and feel much more stable for it.

        I do foundation work for my posterior chain including all extensor muscles and stabilizers 3x a week on average.

        I do this for core Foundation Training : Home


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          Do deadlifts. That'll strengthen your back and "core".
          "Don't waste your time, or time will waste you."


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            If you feel like you're overdoing it, you probably are.