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  • Bodypump?

    My husband and I just joined a local fitness center that offers "Bodypump" classes. It looks like a very interesting, lifting-focused type of workout. Has anyone tried it and what do you think?

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    I did one once. It was alright, but I would consider it more cardio than strength training. The weights were too low and the rest periods too short to qualify as real strength training. But it will definitely improve your musuclar and cardiovascular endurance.


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      I did a few Bodypump classes a couple years ago when I had a gym membership. It will definitely make you sweat, and I think it can be a good introduction to weights if you have no experience with them. That being said, you won't lift anything super-heavy, so you will still want to supplement with some heavier weight lifting outside of the classes. My biggest problem with the classes I took was it was the exact same workout every time. I think they changed the choreography (for lack of a better word) and music once every few months or so. I got bored. But if you can take them for free at your gym why not try and see if you like it? I do think they are a better use of your time than a straight aerobics class, or using any of the cardio machines.


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        I love pump I do not think it is boring at all. Hate working out in regular gym, that is boring, have to do the sets there by myself. Been on circuit training class at the gym and it kinda sucked too. But I like working out (fresh air) by myself eg sprints, pushups, squats, jumps, various ex. with dumpbells and so on, I always push myself hard but I usually do not get the quite same feeling as in bodypump class. It really makes me work hard.

        I think most (girls) use too little weight on the bar(eg 5kgs on the squat track), most are really afraid bulking up. There was one lady, weighed 100kg at least and refused to put more than 1kg on each side of the bar on biceps track cause did not want to bulk up. Coaches and everyone visibly fit, using at least 4-6kg-s(women) arround her...hint, hint? But that is not my business really. If I drive to a gym it has to be worth the trip lol. And it does get very good results, nice visible muscles, toned arms, abs(if eating right at the same time, that is where my trouble is hahaa).

        maybe if men want to really-really build BIG muscles it will not be enough for them, but at least it burns quite an amount of calories. The routine changes every 3 months, for me it really does not get boring, I usually love the tracks. Lately it seems to me, the routines are composed so the bar can be heavier than before. For example back track has 5 rest pauses between. You have to load up the bar to get something out of it.

        It is a good work out, do not really know if it qualifies all the lift heavy/sprint primal thing, but for some tracks, the heart rate goes really up (sprint) and if I increase weights sometimes I get muscle soreness (so lifting heavy ).


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          I do a another version "brand", Group Power, basically same approach. I shoot for 3xweek.


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            I love Bodypump. It is a good beginner way to get introduced to weight lifting, but would warn that transitions are super fast. It's better to miss a rep or two and get positioned correctly than try to keep up with the music and do something out of position. I like the shoulder and ab work and you can definitely build muscle this way.