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WOD's 4/18 to 4/25

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  • WOD's 4/18 to 4/25

    I just tried the Max Pyramid protocol for the first time. Check your ego at the door. You are not moving much iron because of the angle of leverage for the static hold.

    This is a "Gumbie" exercise. That means your muscles feel like rubber when you are done... just like Gumbie's!

    Shoulder Press
    Start weight 20 lbs
    Top weight 50 lbs
    end weight 40 lbs
    TUL 1'25"

    Leg Press
    Start weight 30 lbs
    Top weight 130 lbs
    end weight 110 lbs
    TUL 2'14"

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    Kettbell Metcon Cardio Day

    5 Sumo Deadlift
    5 Swing Left
    5 Swing Right
    5 C&P Left
    5 C&P Right
    5 Snatch Left
    5 Snatch Right

    Did six rounds with a 16-kilogram (35 pound) kettlebell.


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      @Vick, haha, gumbie workout, I like that, I might have to try that later this week... It literally costs 40$ to use the nice gym facility here at this hotel in Palm Beach. Good thing we're not payin'!

      Quickie WOD before breakfast:
      10 box jumps
      5 elevated pushups
      10 switch lunges
      5 elevated pushups
      8 rounds in 10:00

      ~20min. laps in the pool
      ~50min. yoga
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        Jess you wouldn't have believed it unless you saw it. When I was moving the big iron on the leg press I rarely got the shakes. I'm talking 630 lbs and very little shaking in my legs.

        I'm now working out at a leverage disadvantage and 130 lbs had my knees shaking like a virgin groom on his wedding day.

        It will take a few more weeks to develop the method on this but there is some gold in these hills.


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          KB 30-Second Circuit with One-!6 KG Kettlebell
          Squats 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          Swings Left 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          Swings Right 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          Pushups 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          Row Left 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          Row Right 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          MP Press Left 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          MP Press Right 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds
          Ab Pikes on Gym Ball 30 Seconds
          -Rest 30 Seconds

          Did Four Rounds
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            yesterday: sprinting in the morning, then some convict back conditioning and then shovelglove in the evening.
            I grok, therefore I am.


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              Sunday: 40 mile bike ride on Martha's Vineyard
              Tuesday: 90 minutes hot vinyasa yoga


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                90 minutes Krav Maga session


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                  Wednesday: 2.5 hours of climbing.


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                    Jeeeeeez I am *tired* today.

                    Yesterday's workout was intense x 2 and a half!

                    First workout I've ever done that I had to actually move down weight 1/3 into it.

                    It was 60 thrusters @ 135 pounds ("Firebreather weight") Thrusters:

                    And every minute on the minute you had to do 7 burpees.

                    So if you took like 30 seconds to do burpees... then you had 30 seconds to get back to your bar and bang out some thrusters.

                    And if you take 20 seconds to do thrusters, then you only have 10 seconds rest before you have to get back to the burpees.

                    Was kinda like this workout (But this one didn't have the time element)

                    About 20 thrusters into it I was only getting about 1 thruster a round.

                    Then I completely burnt out. And got sucked into an endless burpee hell... It was taking me 40 seconds to do 7 burpees, then I didn't have time/energy to do thrusters.

                    Then the minute would come up and I'd have to do more burpees.

                    I had to actually move down in weight. Take off the plates, and shamefully change them out for less heavy weight.

                    But then I was TOTALLY dead and still had like 40 thrusters to do. And had to finish the rest of the workout on like... *no* energy. And those burpees and thrusters just wouldn't stop... every minute....

                    I had to actually "cheat" and take a round out two times.

                    And for the last 4 rounds I had to modify it to 4 burpeess instead of 7.

                    First time I've ever had to change up the workout once I committed and started.

                    My goodness.... Let me tell ya, if that doesn't strengthen your mental will... I dunno what will. The whole thing took me over 24 mins.

                    Everything in me was like "how are you ever going to finish this?!" but I did!
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                      @Sean That looks like a killer workout. Wow. You crossfitters are amazing. I think for myself I would have to scale that one back quite a bit if I attempted it.

                      10 x 100 yards sprints on flat grass.

                      @Loves2Climb Would be interested in knowing what you're doing specifically when you say Convict Conditioning on any given day. I am interested in getting that book but want to see what a session or sessions would be like.


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                        Did some flat sprints and some uphill while doing the grok walk down the hill (killer after a full out sprint!). Came home and did some convict conditioning.

                        @Godzilla - There are 6 movements outlined in Convict Condition. Each movement has 10 progressive steps towards a 'master' movement. Once you hit the 'progression standard' amount of sets/reps for a given movement, then you move on the next respective step. For once instance, one of the movements I'm working towards are one armed handstand pushups. First progression is headstands for 60 duration for 2 or 3 sets (i can't remember the exact numbers). Once mastered, I move on to the next movement of crow stands, again x sets for x duration. Now, I'm onto just handstands (against the wall) and the ultimate goal there is to be able to do two of them for 2 minutes straight, then I move onto handstand half-pushups - then there are six more movements to master after that. My workout split is one movement per day for 6 days. The split I do is similar to Body By Science where you give your muscles around 7 days to recover. I like it and it fits into my schedule perfectly...but to each his own. I'm going to keep doing this (on top of sprinting, shovelglove, etc...) for a while and see where it takes me. It's worth a look if you're into bodyweight workouts, and especially if you're looking to make them more challenging. There's a pretty comprehensive TOC here:
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                          @Sean, nice, I like the intensity! Kurtis... worth the purchase, or do you think the exercises are pretty self-explanatory? How much did you pay for it?

                          WOD 4-20:
                          ~50min. yoga
                          ~60min. biking in Palm Beach! Pretty!

                          WOD Today:
                          15x4 one-legged squats
                          8x2, 6x1, 4x2 elevated push-ups
                          15x4 jump squats
                          15x2 get-ups
                          5x3, 3x1, 3x1 close push-ups
                          15x4 jump split squats
                          15x4 chair dips
                          1x3 pull-up (10sec descent)
                          30-20-10sec. one-armed plank
                          Max 30sec rest between exercises

                          Back to bodyweight for me...The massuist (?) was shocked at how tight my back muscles were. I suppose I will stick with total bodyweight exercises 3x a week, or something to that degree... Frustrating.

                          Also curious, does anybody know the most IDEAL way to formulate your workout? For instance, strength training first, or last? I'm aware that you should do a HIIT workout and then easy cardio, but I don't know how the strength work fits into the mix... I would assume first, before your muscles are fatigued. Makes sense?
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                            Jess - Personally, I like having reference material so it was definitely worth it for me. I don't think one could go about doing all the progressive movements contained in Convict Conditioning without the book. Because I'm a Canuck, I paid an arm and a leg for it. I think by the time funds were converted and I paid my shipping, import, and duty fees, it was somewhere around $70. I don't regret it for a second though. Great source material if you ask me.

                            I believe the book itself is 39.95 plus shipping. They used to have it on Barnes and Noble for $26 but they've since taken it off
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                              I'm pretty tired today, so I kept it to maintenance.

                              To warm up: 1x100: laterals over a medball; toe touches over medball
                              2x20: medball cleans, medball thrusters

                              3x2 minute sprints
                              3x20 indian-seated sit ups

                              2x20: dumbbell step ups, both sides
                              2x10: bosu burpees

                              1000 meter row