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  • Best Endurance Supplement?

    Hi--I'm a long distance runner, still working on getting fat-adapted. I have a few important races coming up, and I'm wondering what the best choice for a gel/gu would be...I'm training without these carb enhancers (trying to eventually get to the point where I don't need them), but for race situations, I still would like to use them to boost my performance (part of my 20% compromise).

    If I understand my biochemistry correctly, products without fructose would be most likely to not interrupt ketosis, etc., as fructose must be processed by the liver, and glucose can be taken up directly by skeletal muscle cells (am I right in thinking that????). Does anyone know of any gels/gus/similar products (easy to take on a long run) that would be made of products less likely to inhibit fat-adaptation for long periods (and weight loss)? I know of a sports drink which is all glucose/no fructose (called Gleukos), but I don't know that I've ever see a gel/Clif product, etc. like that (or maybe one make of glucose polymers, that also would not need to be processed by the liver and therefore disrupt ketosis...