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Squat Knot?

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  • Squat Knot?

    I know this will sound like an odd question...but I have a "natural rest" that has developed on my body at the top of my back for the barbell when I do squats. It is not painful, and heck, evens helps, but I don't want to end up looking like Quasimodo in the end.

    I have even wrapped the bar with one of those bar padding tubes where it rests on my back.

    Has anyone else had this sort of thing happen?

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    I know a few guys with the hump, it just seems to happen if you lift heavy weights long enough. As for fixing it? I have no idea
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      Thanks...just wanted to make sure it would not cause any medical problems.
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        If you have a well developed back and have been lifting heavy for years it happens. Dont worry about it, use it and be glad, it takes the stress off the rotator cuffs when balancing a heavy lift. Nothing like loading up about 405 and trying to keep it from rolling off your back!
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