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What you always wanted to know about "Exercise"

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  • What you always wanted to know about "Exercise"

    We all know that physical movement is beneficial for health; physically, mentally, emotionally. However, knowing that isn't enough. We all know its beneficial, but we still don't go running on treadmills religiously everyday. We stay sedentary even after we know all its amazing benefits.

    Is it laziness? Is it no time? Family obligations? Money for a gym membership?
    Is that Bullcrap? Excuses? Wellナ it is, but not for the reason you think.

    It's not the lack of knowledge, lack of willpower, lack of goals...
    It's the lack of true meaning. Movement without purpose or meaning is like driving around town with no destination. Sometimes we do it, but it's not done often and it quickly wears off.

    From an evolutionary perspective, we're geared to conserve energies, only moving because we have to. The next hunt, raid, harvest, gathering all pushed us towards movement by default. Our life depended on it and wasting energy - well that's just meaningless.
    Today, we are mismatched with our environment. No longer having to hunt, gather, farm or even walk, we don't need to move. And to recreate the conditions of the distant past just for movements sake is just silly.

    What's the answer then?
    Move your body in ways that its truly meaningful to you. While having a goal to look good or to be healthy is meaningful, that's fine, but I am saying that the activity itself should be meaningful to you if you are to sustain it. Make the activity itself your primary motivator, make movement happen by default.

    Move your body not because you are forcing yourself to, but because you have to.

    For example, you are moving naturally when you:

    * Want to spend time and bond with your kids, so you play sports with them
    * Go on a hike because you love the sights, sounds, smells of nature. You are always chasing the next spectacular view.
    * Love to compete against others and play games so you play sports. Individual or team sports.
    * You love competing against yourself and self-improvement. You're always seeing if you can break your own records at running, cycling, weight-lifting, swimming, etc. Always chasing the high you get when performing the activity.
    * Garden, plant flowers and vegetables, because you love the sights and smells.
    * Housework :, because you love to keep clean and organized

    Find a way to make movement happen by default. Discover the activities that have true meaning for you.

    What do you think?

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    I like to do exercise, I would like to say thanks alot for sharing this info.
    You have don a good job. Keep it up.


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      This is why martial arts (krav maga for me) motivates me. Every day is a new and exciting challenge, no technique to learn and apply. New tests to ramp up/taper for. Striking, grapling, defending all primal activities in and of themselves.