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Beginner level weight lifting ... what do you recommend?

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    I've done a little reading on weight training during ketosis and I think I'll be ok. My energy was great today. Very motivated to get back in a few days.


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      I also advise buying Starting Strength. I did the program for 2 months and saw tremendous gains, but I also started fat and just got bigger. I also had form issues and dealt with having my body in constant pain from the linear progression (at the young age of 23).

      If I did Starting Strength over again, I would have followed StrongLifts recommendations of starting with the bar (or 65lbs for deadlift). I followed Rippetoe's suggestion of basically finding your starting weight, and started my squat off at 105lbs as a beginner. I also increased weights by +10lbs for the first few sessions, and once I got over 200lbs I realized I was screwed-- my form was inadequate and I never really got the volume in (that you get from Stronglifts) to work out the kinks.


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        Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
        If you go to the Starting Strength forum there's a sub-forum on nutrition. The guy who answers all the questions, Jordan, is very much for eating paleo or similar and doesn't push the GOMAD as much as Rip does, especially if you are trying to go from fat to muscular. The whole GOMAD thing is for young weaklings trying to go out for high school football.

        And the 45lb bar is too much for some women, especially with the whole warm-up scheme you are supposed to do. Not everyone can raise 45lbs over their head with no experience. Even after lifting since October I can still only get about 55lbs over my head.
        Listen to this lady. She has done the requisite research, asked plenty of questions of the experts on the SS forums, and has seen some excellent progress as a result.
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          Both are really good.

          StrongLifts -an advantage is the great iPhone app. Makes tracking your progress easy. There are no power cleans in this program, you do barbell rows instead.

          Starting Strength - the book is a must read. It goes into the mechanics behind proper form. If you don't read (and practice) this and start doing the lifting will need to lower the weight later and start over with proper form...or else get hurt when the weights start getting massive. This program recommends GOMAD for skinny guys which I think is insane (yes you will gain muscle but with that much sugar/insulin you are going to get a fat gut too).

          Personally I use StrongLifts, but studied Starting Strength for proper form. I also add barbell curls on deadlift day since none of the workouts specifically hit bicepts. I use COCMAD+6RE (my own secret formula consisting of a 400ml can of coconut milk per day shaken up with six raw eggs). The milk has some small amount of natural sugar I believe, but nothing over the top. It's around 1300 calories of fat/protein, in addtion to regular meals.


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            Originally posted by Cromap View Post
            Well my thighs are one fire from doing just the bar today on squats...good grief I'm weak.
            Yes, 3x a week squats is truly WORK.

            Ha even without a bar at all, squats done with proper form are just plain brutal. Add a couple hundred pounds on your back, and then it's really work. I understand now why they are considered the king of all exercises.


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              At begging level of weight lifting you need great care and guidance to choose the best source to build your body. Instructor help and proper guidance can assist you well to got training from experts. Proper tools and your body strength as great value at begging stage.
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