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    Greetings all. I happened to fracture my heel(calcaneus) last Saturday and it's really bumming me out being sidelined because I've been so active my whole life.

    I've skimmed some old topics about broken feet&heels and gained some insight, but hoped to start this in case anyone else catches it. I've seen some good recovery tips, but from browsing the net I've seen nothing but doom&gloom stories regarding recovering from this injury!

    I'm only on week two since the incident, and have read about people being sidelined for months&years&still not the same since. I'm an avid martial artist, and my boss already wants me back to work, so this is really weighing me down.

    I guess my question is, has anyone else ever sustained this injury and was able to bounce back fairly quick? Luckily, well at least as far as I know, I don't need surgery or plates(I've only been to the A&E, and then the Fracture Clinic days later. Have an appointment with foot specialist this Thursday) Unless they bear some bad news on me then I'm inclined to believe the severity of the fracture isn't as bad as the stories I've read. At first I thought something was wrong with both of them, but when the scans came back the Dr. emphasised, "The left one is DEFINITELY fractured," :S so maybe that wasn't a good sign, but I'd have thought they would have mentioned surgery then.(But it was swamped being the NHS&I was waiting 7 hours just for that!)

    So...anyone else ever had luck with this lol. I know I'm in a plaster for at least 6 weeks. I've only been non-weightbearing for 2 and all of the swelling is down(actually feels like I could slip the plaster off now it's so loose) and I can move the foot a lot more. If I could start driving after that and be able to walk-ish well by summer that'd be a dream come true!
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