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  • Tabatas

    Hey folks

    I created a topic on 'max pyramid training' which was all good and well but I should have probably mentioned shete I am currently with my training and my reasons for a potential switch over.

    Does anyone here train using tabatas? I have spent this last training cycle using either one 8 round tabata (4 minutes of work) or two 8 round tabatas (8 minutes if work) every day. With the occasional extra rest day and have loved it. I try to roughly alternate a gym session using bodyweight or wright movements with a true tabata session carried out on the bike as in the original tabata study.

    I had considered a switch to max pyramid training b/c even though tabata is intend, I wanted to up intensity further and train less often. On reflection this may not he best for me at this time.

    So I was wondering what fun tabata workouts you had all done.

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    I dont know if this exactly fits the protocol but I did 25 yard bearcrawls...

    as you all would say: I was well and truely knackered...


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      I can't do the strict tabata protocol. Ten seconds is not nearly enough rest for me, and I'm about done after 4-6 sprints. I thought I might die the day I did the 15 cycles of 20/40. The goal was to hit a mile of sprinting during your total 5 minutes of running time. I made it, but the aftermath was pretty bad. That's gotta be the hardest workout I've ever done.

      I guess I might be able to do it on a bike, but I've never tried.


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        We do a tabata at the gym once a week. Last week it was 1) push-ups, mountain climbers; 2) Left reverse lunge, right reverse lunge; 3) plank jacks, bicycles and 4) squat, squat holds. For just 16 minutes of work, they sure are brutal. Of course, the are 20/10 for 8 rounds (each exercise 4 times) and a minute between each set.
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          I throw them in every now and then, today was 5 by 4 min rounds of this. Each round one exercise for the 4mins

          Tabatas doing 20 on 10 off for 4 mins with 1 min interval between each rounds,

          A1: Jump rope
          A2: Box jumps knee high
          A3: Goblet squats with 24kg bell
          A4: Bulgarian split squats, body weight only
          A5: Jump rope.

          A few weeks ago I set up a circuit of 8 stations and went round 4 times on the 20/10 split. It consisted of
          1: sledge hamer swings left
          2: sledge hamer swings right
          3: kb swings
          4: BW squats
          5: KB snatch right arm
          6: KB snatch left arm
          7: supported dips
          8: Jump rope
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            "Fun Tabata workouts"? I've never heard of such a thing.

            Actually I do Tabata workouts on a semi-regular basis, alternating with pushing a Prowler, but due to become more regular based on my periodization schedule. I basically just do the standard protocol, but using a Concept II rowing machine. I'm trying to get back to competitive canoe/kayak race shape so the rowing is a bit closer to the upper body focus I need. It's one heckuva workout.


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              I been doing tabata class twice a week for a few weeks now. Its always 6-8 stations. The 6-8 station bit is a bit different metabolic pathway and demand vs. the traditional 8 "sprints". Its cool to do both.


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                What you guys are doing are not tabatas but any stretch of the imagination.

                Conditioning Research

                Tabatas are aerobic ie full out sprints via running, cycling, versa climber. Olympic athletes can only manage 8 repeats or teh 20/10 seconds and some not even that if done properly.
                You can't swing a ketle bell fast enough, or squat fast enough to turn it in to a tabata.