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Nagging Elbow Pain. Damn You, Kipping Pull-ups!

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    I understand the desire to keep up your strength, but it seems to me that if you are doing 25-30 pushups a day, your elbow is not getting real rest. I have the same issue and it is super-frustrating--for me, it's because I want to *start* a strength program, but can't do basically any upper-body stuff (open to suggestions) because of the wonky elbow. It becomes noticeably better whenever life circumstances keep me from dance class for a couple weeks (which is how I hurt it).

    I've added collagen to my diet and am removing dairy, to help with joint issues and possible inflammation, respectively. Bone broth, when it's not too hot to find the concept laughable.

    Wishing you luck!


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      You obviously aren't Kipping hard enough, kip that bad boy like a mad man and let that pain know whose boss.