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Orthotics for last 5years - how to transition to VFFs

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  • Orthotics for last 5years - how to transition to VFFs

    I developed a painless effusion of my right knee more than five years ago after getting back to running after some time off. I had previously been an avid swimmer and had been doing Olympic triathlons for fun and had been pretty happy, fit and injury free. I ended up visiting my doctor initially who told me to take six weeks off exercise (worst thing I prob ever did) then a physio who could find nothing structurally wrong with my knee, then another doc who said start swimming again and build the muscle back up around the knee. I eventually ended up in a chiropodist/podiatrists office who took casts of the soles of my feet and had special orthotics designed for me.
    I've worn them ever since apart from trying to transition to a barefoot running style about a year back. The knee thing came back.
    I'm now reading chi running, have my vibrams on order and am lifting and squatting and sprinting. Also I've lost 9-10lbs in weight. (5'10, 149lbs.)

    Anybody have experience of throwing orthotics away. Do I have to take my time?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Might wanna move to a minimalist low heel shoe first as a transition.

    Disclaimer: I don't wear orthotics. This is just general advice
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      Transition very very very slowly.
      Do you go barefoot in the house? If not start there. Then short walk, less than 5 mins, build it up slowly slowly slowly, maybe add 1 min a week to your walk.

      Maybe when you can walk an hour in barefoot shoes then try a very short run - again less than 5 mins.

      What sort of shoes to you wear normally? Don't make any sudden changes to what you wear day in day out, but maybe make a gentle change to less heal to toe drop, maybe for a few hours a week at first, working up to a day a week.

      Any sign of pain or discomfort back off and go back to what you are used to.

      That may sound overy cautious, but seeing as you have an existing problem I think you need to take baby steps and really listen to your body.

      Best of luck
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        Thanks a million guys. I'll heed ur advice.


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          I wore orthotics for 13yrs and it took me about 6mo to transition away from them and another 6mo to get to where I could walk all day barefoot without muscle fatigue. Don't rush it, you'll just hurt yourself. Also stretch both calf muscles, they'll be tight from years in healed shoes and motion restriction from the orthotics. My feet feel 100% better now than they ever did in mechanical supports.

          BTW, I make orthotics as a profession and I get asked all the time why I got away from supports. I tell them if you take the time to build flexibility and strength your feet will support you with out these devices. Most will not take this advice and will buy orthotics.
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            I had a similar transition due to plantar faciatis/ankle injury... I made the move over by short walks ON GRASS at first, no more than 5-10 min and a slooooow pace. And even now almost a year late I still pay careful attention to how my shins/calf/ankle/feet feel on a day in them.