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  • Lifting + Sports?

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum, but I've been reading/lurking for a few months now and eating about 80/20 Primal for the past 7 months.

    A little backstory: I'm 23 years old, and at 5-foot-10, I've been overweight my whole life. But since mid-August I've dropped about 30 pounds, from 237 to 207 this morning. I play pickup basketball 3-5 days a week and do StrongLifts 5x5 another 3 days a week. I also jog occasionally, and try to do sprints once a week. I'm in the best shape of my life, and I feel really good, but I still want to lose another 20-30 pounds of fat while continuing to build muscle. I've been hovering around 205-208 lbs for about a month, eating roughly a 2400 kcal diet.

    My issue is this: I want to add more sports to my routine, mainly because I've realized how much I love them (and have missed playing them since high school). In addition to the 3-5 days of pickup basketball I already paly (and that usually gets me a pretty good sweat), I'm joining a softball league with my fiancee, I'm going to join a men's rec basketball league and I want to take swimming lessons one night a week so I can add that to my fitness routine.

    So, the main question is: Will adding more sports, and sometimes working out 2 times a day, detract from my gains in my weight lifting? I know rest is important for muscle development, but I don't want to give up sports or lifting. Should I start eating more calories or add carbs to my daily diet? I want to be fueled for my workouts, but I also want to continue to lose weight.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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    Hey FD,

    I'm in the same boat as you, I LOVE to play sports and lift. I'm a soccer/volleyball/baseball guy these days and I've found that they do not effect my lifting. On days where sports and lifting are involved I do tend to eat more calories as well as carbs. I'll throw some sweet potato dish together for lunch usually. Of course there are some exceptions (baseball and overhead press don't mix well) but you learn to listen to your body and figure it out.

    In terms of a time frame I make sure I have plenty of time in between work out sessions. A couple hours usually does the trick for me. For example I'll work out from 430-530, down a protein shake, eat dinner and rest up before a soccer game at 830. Anyways, my advice would be to listen to your body (take a rest day if you need to), eat more calories on double days, and keep doing what makes you happy.

    Hope this helps, Jim