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    Yeah, I'm conflicted about shoes. I was thinking about getting a pair of water shoes that I can duct-tape to my feet, since they offer more protection than my huaraches, but I've been enjoying running without shoes so much more. When I slip my shoes off at the ends of my runs these days, my hips and knees just release and feel amazing.

    I wouldn't wear VFFs for it because if I get them by then (I'll probably need them for winter), they'll be a brand-new pair of >$75 shoes and I wouldn't want to risk losing one in the mud.


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      not to hijack, but...

      and search youtube for videos of the original tough guy from england (none from America yet, seeing as how the one this October is going to be the first ever held in America). I'm on the fence about going right now.


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        in fact, here ya go:


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          Just signed up for the Mid-Atlantic version on 10/9. I'm in the 9:30 AM wave. Who's with me?


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            This looks like so much fun. Why have i never heard of this!?

            I would totally be down for doing the one in IL if i could find a ride out there and afford the $75 dollar price. I will keep you updated on what i decide!

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