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    While a totally jacked shoulder (both mechanically and neurological problems with a couple of the muscles) make it very difficult for me to lift higher than a power clean, I am very pleased with my lower body strength progress. I can now both deadlift and back squat 135 pounds - which is more than my body weight. I am a 53 year old woman who has spent most of her life sedentary and obese - while I lost the weight 3 years ago through a CW low-fat diet and cycling/general fitness, I just started really focusing on strength last July. I know this weight is nothing compared to what many of you are doing, but I am pleased to see progress, any kind of positive strength progress.

    It will be interesting to see whether I gain strength more quickly now for deadlifting or back squats. So far my shoulder/neck issues don't seem to be interfering with the squats, but I am keeping an eye out for neck pain later. My trainer is VERY careful to make certain the Oly bar is in the right position on my traps for squatting, not on my neck.
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    This is amazing, good for u keep going but id say try to get around ur shoulder problem because then ur bidy wont be in a balenced state , weak upper body and strong lower bidy get wat im tryin to say ?


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      Originally posted by egyption grok View Post
      This is amazing, good for u keep going but id say try to get around ur shoulder problem because then ur bidy wont be in a balenced state , weak upper body and strong lower bidy get wat im tryin to say ?
      I totally get what you are saying. The problem is I am currently not allowed to go higher than a power clean, the shoulder doesnt work well. I can leg press 500 pounds multiple times with full range of motion, so imbalance is already there. I have decided to focus on compound movements rather than leg presses to get more of my body involved.

      I AM pleased to report that there are some signs of increasing upper body strength, which is encouraging!


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        Wow, very impressive progress!

        I definitely understand how you feel in regards to shoulder issues, as I've had right shoulder problems for a long time (baseball player).

        Keep up the good work.
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          Sometimes I get frustrated with this, but I think my non-shoulder strength is pretty decent for a 53 year old beginner who weighs 125

          I want to focus on what I CAN do...


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            Hello Catrin. Given that most of the usual gym trainers are a complete waste of time and money + their expertise usually is out of the order, I would definitely recommend you to get an eye on these guides I wrote:
            Proper barbell squat form/technique
            How to do the barbell deadlift exercise with proper technique

            Also, for your age, those numbers are pretty good!
            Keep it going!
            I am not a bodybuilding/fat loss/strength training "guru" BUT I achieved a lean state with ease after learning the correct way to train and eat and I want to HELP YOU achieve the same.

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              I appreciate the links and I will check them out as I try to educate myself so I can ask intelligent questions and understand what I am doing. Thankfully my trainer works with professional elite athletes, has multiple degrees and really knows his stuff He knows how to modify and scale as needed, and how to motivate both individuals and groups. He is far from the common run of the mill, and my gym is a university based sports/fitness research fitness facility. I've had experience with the other kind, and I've too many physical issues to trust myself to someone without the right kind of knowledge.

              I've been in rehab for my shoulder, and got the news today that it might be as good as it will there may not be much in the way of over-head squats in my future, we will see. Thankfully deadlifting, back squats, and leg presses are my favorite things. I've also been working to learn proper front squat technique/
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                PR this morning for my back squats - made it to 145 - which is 20 pounds more than I weigh. I think I could have handled a bit more weight, but I am always a bit unsure how much weight to add each time. I did the following for 4x5

                95 pounds
                115 pounds
                125 pounds
                145 pounds

                The 145 didn't feel too bad, but I could certainly feel the difference from 125. I may hang out at 145 next time again before bumping it up again.