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    Regarding 13.3... how about I just barf all over your head, Crossfit?

    Doing it tomorrow morning, NOT looking forward to it in the slightest. Karen is my least least LEAST favorite workout. Karen plus double unders? How about ugh. (I'm leaving out the muscle ups entirely because a) I can't do one and scaled reps like chest-to-bars don't count, and b) even if I could do one, I doubt I'd finish the wall balls and DUs in time to attempt it. So, my max score to shoot for on this is 240 no matter what.

    *Indiana Jones voice* Wall balls... Why'd it have to be wall balls?


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      New to this forum, so I hope I'm doing this right!
      I've been in CrossFit for just over a year and I'm in the Masters 55-59 Women's age group. I feel like I'm cheating by using the lighter weights. Score on 13.1 was 142; score on 13.2 was 230. I'll do 13.3 on Saturday. We did this same workout in our gym about a month ago and my score was 201 with a 14# ball. My age group uses a 10# ball and throws 9 feet on this workout, so I'm hoping to get the maximum of all the wall balls and double unders - 240. No muscle ups for this grandma! Good luck to everyone!


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        KathyB- Welcome! Great job on the WODs, you don't get that much of a cheat in the masters category, I'm still impressed by your scores!

        Yeah...13.3 is just awful. And to boot we've done tons of squats already during our regular programming this week, I can barely walk as it is. I will most likely be taking a pass on this one.

        Good luck to all of you who go for it!


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          13.3 done this morning. Really wanted to get through the wall balls so was pleased to get 8 DU's in as well before the time ran down.
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            I'm hitting it in about a half hour. I think I've changed my goal to just make it through all the wall balls before time is up.


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              Last year I finished WB and DU in 11:50. Hoping to maybe break that... but DU are a funny thing. Some days I can string together 40. Some days 2. Hopefully today won't be a 2 day But next year... I better get 241

              Just got back. 8:48 for WB, finished at 11:11. I think I could have gone a little faster at the WB... I did sets of 15 through 105 and took too much rest at the end I think. In hindsight I didn't *really* need to catch my breath to do sets of 10... oh well. Next year
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                Well, I beat my goal, got through all the wall balls in 8:42. Then I moved on to the double unders and my legs WOULD NOT WORK. It was comical. Took a solid thirty seconds before I could jump at all. Then I started whipping through the DUs as fast as I could, but when time was called I had only done 84. Obviously I'm pretty happy that I got a 234 score, but AAAARGH SIX AWAY FROM THE MAX! Grrrr. That's just annoying.

                I think I still prefer wall balls to burpees. I think this workout taught me that I'd rather do absolutely anything than burpees.


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                  13.4 in the books. What to say about this workout, except that it was real tricksy? I think everyone was expecting to totally crush it, due to the shorter sets, shorter time cap, and just two movements to focus on--but it really messed with everyone's heads and it ended up being the hardest workout yet. I couldn't believe how winded I was when I stepped up to the bar for my set of 6 TTB. This was a gasser disguised as an easy workout. Also, I forgot how deceptively heavy 95# is. I think because my clean and jerk PR is way above 95, I don't think of it as "heavy", but doing at workout like this, or doing Grace, ten reps in and I'm like, holy crap, this weight is no joke.

                  Also, I got 5 no reps on the toes-to-bar. FURY. It's not like I disputed it; it's pretty obvious when your toes don't hit the bar. But it's still SO MUCH EFFORT to get your legs up there at all, that to get a no rep is so demoralizing. In my set of 9, I was so annoyed with all the no-reps that I just fell off the bar after each one, jumped back up, and started fresh. I don't have the kip down and trying to string them together really cost me. Ugh.

                  All in all, though, I beat my goal (to get through the sets of 9) and got 40 reps total, so I'm fine with it. But man, I've never seen so many annoyed/sad/angry faces as after this workout. I think everyone was expecting a much easier time.


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                    I agree - this was a tough one - but really the first heavy one (for us mere mortals). My 1 RM clean is 115 and 1 RM jerk is 105 so I was pretty nervous. My goal was 40 and I made it with 43. 1 no-rep on the TTB (which went much better than I expected, 3 and 6 were unbroken). Last year my score on this would have been 0, so I'm pretty happy