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Americans are in Better Shape than Europeans (in some ways)

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    In Germany we have two stereotypes. The bodybuilding roidmonkey with small dick and balls and a huge psychological problem and the little curlbro training only for stupid girls. This is exaggerated by bad documentations about the dangers of steroids.
    The image is changing though, especially the elderly are discovering the advantages of strength training.

    I doubt that this reflects on health though, we have tons of skinny endurance athletes, soccer players etc. who should be in pretty good shape even though they dont look like it.

    And it also has its advantages, since im weak as shit and mainly training for rock climbing while being the strongest person at my university gym =D


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      I get what the OP is saying and I think the difference is in food culture vs gym culture. The North American gym culture hasn't quite hit Europe yet. I think the reason it grew in North America was in penitential response to the food culture ("Omg I HAAAAAAVE to work out because I ate so much today.") In Europe the approach to food is much different and most people don't feel the need to engage in self-flagellation at a gym because in general, their exercise comes from walking around all day and Mark's "fitness as play" approach.

      My European relatives are flabbergasted when I tell them how much I weigh. "71 kilos? You look nowhere near that!" No shit. It's because I exercise and have tons of muscle and fantastic bone density.
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