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    Does anyone use the Jawbone up? What do you think? I love data and think that it could provide some interesting statistics.


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    I'm thinking of purchasing one... I'm only hesitating because based on the reviews at Amazon there are still problems with the devices breaking early and often. Did you end up getting one?


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      I just purchased one and started using it last night. There are definitely some issues with all activity trackers, accuracy and even durability depending on how hard you play. I was hesitant to drop $100+ for any of them. After considering both Fitbit and Jawbone UP (Fuelband isn't an option because I use android. even fitbit I'd have to use on PC), I went with UP. Mainly it was the physical design & the various features (power nap alarm, idle alert, photo foodlog, activity stopwatch, and a few others that stood out over fitbit. Honestly fitbit might have some of them as well, but their website does a really bad job at describing the features).

      Two things that I do like about Fitbit though, that I wish UP had, achievement badges (which would make it a little bit more fun, and a more social experience) and the online/desktop program. Though, UP makes it super easy to download my raw data, so that should prove interesting. Also if the FitBit Flex was already out and compatible with my phone, depending on the feature set, it's possible I would have gone with it.

      Ultimately, I don't expect the UP to be 100% accurate or somehow magically make this whole health thing a ton easier. Moreso, it just serves as a reminder and help in being intentional and conscious about my health and food/activity choices.
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