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  • Cancer & Paleo (PIOG)

    My name is Emma and I just turned 25. I have a dear friend who directed me here. I've heard wonderful things about the Paleo lifestyle and helping with auto immune diseases, etc. But what about cancer? I recently had thyroid cancer, and had my thyroid removed, and turned down radioactive iodine treatment and instead am currently doing a detox program. After detox, I'd like to "go Paleo" but I worry about some of the foods. For example, what about red meat? It's acidic and cancer lives in acidic environment. I haven't heard a story of cancer and Paleo. If anyone has any knowledge or know where to direct me, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you.

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    In terms of red meat, Mark recently wrote a post about the scare tactics authority uses to direct people away from red meat. Most of the studies are bullshit.

    In terms of red meat being acidic, thus providing a breeding ground for cancer, I'd say that sounds like some vegan propaganda. Any evidence backing this assertion up?

    Red meat is one of the absolute best foods you can eat. Any food that comes from a pastured animal is going to be stock-full of minerals, nutrients and healthy fats.
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      Cancer is an autoimmune disease of sorts. At least some of them are.

      The whole body acidity stuff for disease is questionable to say the least, but if you are eating primal you should be eating plenty of vegetation to alleviate any concerns there.


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        I'm a doc in a cancer hospital and I would ask you to seriously reconsider the radioactive iodine. It degrades fast and there aren't any other tissues that take up iodine, other than the thyroid cancer cells that could be hiding. It's one of the safest and most specific treatments there is, and it works best when there are few cells. Ask your docs about side effects, short and long term; it is a common disease and there are lots of data. It is easy to get scared with all the hype about radiation but check it out with a good doc. I would get it, in a heartbeat, and I would recommend it for my wife and daughters.

        At the same time there is no problem doing the paleo/primal at the same time! Hit that cancer hard, one-two.
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