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Partial Bicep Tendon Tear

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  • Partial Bicep Tendon Tear

    I got the great news that I have a pretty serious bicep tendon tear that requires surgery and as such have been scheduled for the surgery on the 28th. I initially injured my bicep helping my daughter move into her dorm last September when I carried a portable TV up 5 flights of stairs which was simple enough but it was the amount of time I was holding the thing in the same position, about 15 minutes, that I feel caused the injury. Needless to say I continued my work outs and just worked around the pain meaning I stopped my weighted chins, rows etc but a few months on the pain remained and a doctors visit was inevitable.

    Apparently I will be in a sling for 6 weeks unable to move it at all, then physio will begin. I was told not to expect to be back in the gym much before September...! I can't believe this, perhaps for your average SAD sedentary individual but not me! I was dead lifting 305 last Friday for goodness sake which actually makes me cringe thinking about it now. Anyway, I am 50 years old 160lbs and have been following a Paleo lifestyle for close to 3 years and I feel I have a pretty good shot of recovering faster than my surgeon is telling me? Does anyone have any experience rehabbing from an injury such as this that could share some insight?